There have been many positive reviews associated with taking the Covid-19 vaccine. The most outstanding being that it reduces the intensity of the Covid-19 virus when one is infected. A lot of healthcare experts have lauded the various vaccines available as the best weapon the world right now available in the fight against further deaths and severe infections against covid-19.

What is the GBS Syndrome?

Experts in the medical field have however sounded an alarm on the discovery of a rare neurological condition associated with Covid-19. Medics have named the condition Guillain-Barre Syndrome shortened to GBS Syndrome. It is a rare neurological disorder in which the immune system attacks the nerves. This disorder causes muscle weakness and paralysis, vertigo, ringing in the ears and pain in the fingers, toes and lips.

What is the origin of the GBS syndrome?

This autoimmune disorder is associated with patients who have taken the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Patients report that a few days after taking the vaccine they start exhibiting the symptoms associated with the Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This has made healthcare experts take a keen interest in analyzing why exactly the vaccine causes this disorder as there is little information available on it. Medics and healthcare experts however agree that its still safe to keep taking the vaccine as its benefits still outweigh its risks.

How to fight against the GBS Syndrome

People are also encouraged to supplement vaccination with covid-19 testing. Regular testing will help create enough data by people in the medical field to keep track of the different disorders that arise or any new Covid-19 variants that may arise. Covid-19 testing may be conducted in the hospital settings or at the comfort of one’s homes. In hospital settings Covid -19 testing includes taking the antigen test.This includes the doctor taking genetic samples and taking them for analysis. Some medical research companies like Docsun Biomed have come up with new devises that are useful in Covid-19 testing. They have developed these devises using the OCT technology which uses a laser beam to monitor the prevalence of Covid-19 symptoms from a patient’s vitals.

Other available technology for Covid-19 testing

These devises include the Docsun mobile app.The Docsun mobile app is most suitable for individual who have access to a smartphone and want to take the test at the comfort of their homes. There is also available the Docsun doorway terminal. This devise is most suitable for places that experience high traffic. These places include education institutions, busy airports, busy malls among others.

Established research has said that the Guillain Barre Syndrome goes away over time with or without medication.