DOCSUN AI Engine Pioneering Technology

DOCSUN AI Engine follows the main principles of PPG and OCT technology. We use iBCG to estimate vital signs.

Using iPPG with AI and custom component analysis on extracted focused regions of interest on the face, we are able to predict the physiological vital signs.

How does it work?

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Optical Camera Imaging

Optical Camera Imaging captures higher-dimensional features to extract bio signals from the skin.

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Scan Facial Biomarkers

The camera captures the user’s facial biomarkers spotting the three scanning regions, namely the forehead and under the eyes.

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AI Algorithms

Process signals by different AI algorithms for each vital signs including SpO2, Blood Sugar Level, Blood Pressure, Breathing Rate, Heart Rate, Temperature, Sclera Color, and Cholesterol.

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Database Analysis

Our solution established a database of the correlation between the vital sign readings, respiratory symptoms, and diseases. This helped map the probabilities of any potential symptoms and diseases.

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Generate Results

Reveal the user’s vital sign readings and provide a green, yellow, and red health status signal.

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How do we generate the user’s health summary?

DOCSUN AI Engine scans for SpO2, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Level, Breathing Rate, Heart Rate, Temperature, Sclera Color, and Cholesterol by obtaining a real-time video of the user.

Each video frame is then processed then forwarded to the DOCSUN AI database to process the selected physiological parameters. The physiological monitoring model established in the DOCSUN AI Engine helps produce the vital sign reading.

Body Temperature reading is limited to DOCSUN Doorway Terminal devices. DOCSUN uses specialized thermal imaging to scan for the body temperature from the exposed face region.

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Diversity Inclusion

DOCSUN Non-Contact Health Monitoring System can scan anyone regardless of ethnicity and skin color.


It is non-contact and non-invasive. Users can check their health status on different devices. They can access it through the Portable Health APP, Web Health Portal, and Doorway Terminal. The tool also provides a summary of the current state of the user.

DOCSUN vital signs monitoring tool is an Imaging Ballistocardiograph (iBCG) measurement software and hardware for end-to-end video-based monitoring of oxygen levels, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, breathing rate, temperature, cholesterol, and eye coloration. Additional features for the Portable Health and Web Health Portal include monitoring wellness.

Anyone who wants to get their vital signs reading and know their current health status.

The AI system processes the video in real-time. It scans the video frames and extracts both the raw iPPG information and the filtered iPPG information to run through the layers to monitor the selected physiological parameters. The monitoring is then run through a word embedding to generate the result for the monitoring. In just few seconds, the user can see their health report and use this information for self monitoring.