About Us

We are a top team comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and experts in fields including biomedical, biotechnology, information technology, and finance.  Brought together by the vision senior members of the team have combined over 45 years of medical AI integration experience that transformed the research and results of the world’s leading biotechnology laboratory into services.

Our Vision

The key to successful health management is often fast and accurate monitoring. DOCSUN’S Health Monitoring tools provide insights that enable smarter, faster decisions and transform how the world manages health. Our pioneering technology spans the globe of healthcare operations with health monitoring instruments, automation, and informatics solutions.

Our Mission

To eliminate the regular worry of people on their health status with real-time information of their vitals through fast, non-invasive, and effective monitoring. Our goal is to advance solutions to make the world a better place by bringing life-changing wellness and health technologies for humanity. Our commitment is to help our end users achieve aptitude and live a fulfilling life.


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