DOCSUN Web Health Portal

DOCSUN Web Health Portal

Health check on screen.


Contactless procedure

Extracts vital signs by looking at the front camera installed on the user’s smartphone or tablet for a few seconds.

Provides a health report after scanning

Provides a health report of the user’s oxygen level, blood sugar, blood pressure, breathing rate, heart rate, and sclera coloration.

Stores scan history

Keeps a record of the user’s vital signs scan and health summary.

Provides wellness recommendations

Help users track their  Body Mass Index (BMI), food, water, exercise, sleep, and menstrual cycle for women.

Supported Devices

Desktop or laptop with built-in cameras or external cameras with at least 720p resolution can access the Web Health Portal.

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DOCSUN Non-Contact Health Monitoring System
Feature Availability

Some vital signs features are not available in every region.