DOCSUN Doorway Terminal

Real-time vital signs health monitoring.

DOCSUN Doorway Terminal Helps Ensure Public Wellness: Provides real-time vital signs information while scanning


Non-intrusive vital signs monitoring

Extracts vital signs by just looking at the camera of the Doorway Terminal using the facial features of the user.

Displays user's vital signs in real-time

The Doorway scans live and readout health status soon after scanning. It provides information of the user’s oxygen level, blood pressure, blood sugar, breathing rate, heart rate, temperature, and sclera coloration.

Built-in high-definition camera

The terminal uses a high-definition camera to capture micrometer –  resolution, two- and three-dimensional images from within the biological tissue of the three regions of scanning, namely the forehead and under the eyes.

Provides QR code validation

The Doorway provides an option for users to keep a record of their health reports when becoming a member. As they scan the QR code from the terminal, they will be redirected to log in or sign up to register an account.



DOCSUN Non-Contact Health Monitoring System
Feature Availability

Some vital signs features are not available in every region.