User Application Experience


Make your home a healthy place for you and your loved ones. Check your health and theirs through the screens of your television right before watching a movie, series, or news. Our technology installed on your screens will let you know how your health is. The key is to provide you with a health monitoring system in the comfort of your home.

Public Transportation - MRT, HSR, Bus station

Commuting could be exhausting and makes you feel uncomfortable, but you can always check your vital signs and health status through accessing our technology. This helps you know whether how you are feeling is normal or not. It alerts you for any signs of unhealthiness. We can serve you through the Doorway Terminal, Mobile App, and Web Portal.

Private Transportation - Driver Check

To ensure the safety of the passengers, the driver’s health and well-being are conducive for the trip. That is why DOCSUN created a built-in technology non-intrusive health monitoring system that scans the driver’s vital signs and notifies the driver whether he or she is efficient to drive or not.

Passenger Safety

Not only drivers’ health and well-being are important, but passengers can also sometimes feel unwell while traveling. DOCSUN believes that comfortable travel is an enjoyable experience. The built-in non-intrusive health monitoring system for private vehicles is made for both driver and passengers in mind.


You may have travel goals, but our goal is your sound health while on board. Our health monitoring system allows you to monitor your health while on board. The screens in front of you can scan your vital signs and reveal your health report.


Considered the second home. Every student, faculty, personal, and visitor needs to monitor their health. With the importance of health and safety, there is no wait time for monitoring health.

Office Building

Take a few minutes of your busy schedule and scan through our non-intrusive health monitoring system. Efficiency is key at work. By monitoring your health you will gain confidence and you will work hard at the right pacing. 


Before strolling inside the mall, mind scanning your vital signs? By knowing your health status you can walk through in confidence and go window shopping with no worries. The Doorway can provide you with your health status and provide measurements of your vital signs.