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DOCSUN Biomed Ltd. is collaborating with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) on a study aimed to further enhance DOCSUN’s Non-Contact Health Monitoring System as a leading non-invasive vital sign detection for health management.

DOCSUN provides an all-in-one noncontact vital signs monitoring system that can scan for the user’s Sp02 Levels, Blood Sugar Levels, Blood Pressure, Breathing Rate, Heart Rate, Temperature, and Sclera Color. Technically driven by Imaging Ballistocardiograph (iBCG), Imaging Photoplethysmography (IPPG), and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology to generate results.


The research team, led by the renowned Dr. Che-Wei (Johnny) Lin from the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the NCKU, is to investigate and analyze the use of the system as a health monitoring device. Additionally, the study will not only further validate the data accuracy of DOCSUN’s Doorway Terminal as a monitoring device but also show non-intrusive monitoring is an integral part of healthcare management in the future. Both DOCSUN and NCKU research teams are working closely with the aim to attain significant health and behavior data for potential further research and development.

DOCSUN will take advantage of this opportunity to improve its pioneering technology to deliver its spectrum of accurate, efficient, and convenient, health monitoring tools to all its users. The study could possibly lead to setting standards for utilization of non-intrusive approaches in healthcare management as the world continues to adjust to the new normal.




DOCSUN’s is committed to transforming how the world manages health through its advanced solutions. DOCSUN’s product suite offers non-contact health monitoring system tools that provide insights that enable smarter, faster, more accurate decisions, making the world a better place by bringing life-changing wellness and health technologies for humanity.

DOCSUN is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and experts in fields including biomedical, biotechnology, information technology, and finance. Brought together by the vision senior members of the team have combined over 45 years of medical AI integration experience that transformed the research and results of the world’s leading biotechnology laboratory into services.


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