Real-Time, Non-Contact, Non-Invasive, and Convenient Health Monitor is OCT+ AI-based.

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With its real-time scanning feature, it provides user’s measurement information of their vital signs that include SpO2 levels, Blood Sugar Levels, Blood Pressure Levels, Breathing Rate, Heart Rate, Temperature, and Sclera Coloration.



The health and safety of everyone are optimum for every establishment.

DOCSUN’s Doorway Terminal is a noncontact, non-invasive, and fast OCT + AI based technology that enables users to quickly check their current health status to determine whether they are good to go or not.

It allows establishments to ensure that everyone on their premises is in sound health as well as it helps alert them to respond accordingly to users who need to seek immediate medical attention.


DOCSUN has developed a portable way for everyone to monitor and manage their health and well-being.

It developed a well-patented video-based mobile app that enables users to scan and track their health whenever and wherever.

Aside from its built-in vital signs scanning technology that is available, it allows users to take control of their health through its wellness and healthiness option that lets them customize their health management.

It is a HIPAA-compliant application therefore it keeps users’ health data private. It is available for both IOS and Android users.

Once a user installs the app to their device, using their selfie mode camera they would be able to gain a wide range of health information in a few seconds.

DOCSUN Web Portal

DOCSUN developed a web version of health monitoring and management. This OCT+AI-powered video-based application is available as a Software Development Kit (SDK). It provides a wider perspective and comprehensive health data information to the user. It allows users to extract health data measurements of their vital signs using their built-in front camera or external camera. With the same application set features as the mobile version, the Web Portal enables users to get a hold of not only their health status, it allows for self-management convenient at a click of a button.

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