Non-Contact Vital Health Solutions For All

Non-Contact Vital Health Solutions For All

Multiple Use Cases Across Multiple Industries

DOCSUN offers video-based, vital signs monitoring, software solutions to help electric vehicles enhancing driver safety, airlines increasing passenger comfort, public sector raising safety and wellness standards, and healthcare industry customizing personal health management.

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Make Travel Safer

DOCSUN created a built-in technology, with real-time non-contact vital sign monitoring system that scans for the driver’s well-being and notifies the driver whether he or she is suitable to operate the vehicle. Not only the wellbeing of drivers are important, but also the same for the passengers. The built-in, non-intrusive, vital sign monitoring system for private vehicles is made with both driver and passengers in mind.

Improve Passenger Experience

At DOCSUN, our goal is to enhance passenger comfort while onboarding the plane through a real-time, non-contact vital sign monitoring system that will be installed on the screens in front of every passenger. This built-in, non-contact, vital sign monitoring system enables passengers to have a comfortable flight, as well as helping cabin crew awareness if any passenger needs immediate medical attention.

Home Personal Health Management

DOCSUN provides a real-time, non-contact vital sign monitoring system through smart television screens with an external camera. The built-in software allows users to track the health and the wellbeing of every household member right from the television screens.

Portable Health App

DOCSUN offers a video-based vital signs monitoring and wellness application for self-health management whenever, wherever. Explore this new way of tracking health information.

Web Health Portal

This easy-to-integrate portal is for any business that wants a tracking system with health and wellness monitoring features.  Discover this new way of monitoring health at a click of a button.

Non-Contact Health Monitoring Doorway Terminal

A real-time, vital sign monitoring system designed for public spaces and establishments such as schools, offices, malls, hotels, airports, and other establishments to help enhance public wellness. This new way of monitoring public health can better track users’ health status.

What we do

DOCSUN offers an exciting AI-based application that combines embedded human knowledge and advanced AI engineering and computation.

The system helps users and different  industries to better monitor and manage solutions to some health-related problems in real-time.