There have been many positive reviews associated with taking the Covid-19 vaccine. The most outstanding being that it reduces the intensity of the Covid-19 virus when one is infected. A lot of healthcare experts have lauded the various vaccines available as the best weapon the world right now available in the fight against further deaths and severe infections against covid-19.

What is the GBS Syndrome?

Experts in the medical field have however sounded an alarm on the discovery of a rare neurological condition associated with Covid-19. Medics have named the condition Guillain-Barre Syndrome shortened to GBS Syndrome. It is a rare neurological disorder in which the immune system attacks the nerves. This disorder causes muscle weakness and paralysis, vertigo, ringing in the ears and pain in the fingers, toes and lips.

What is the origin of the GBS syndrome?

This autoimmune disorder is associated with patients who have taken the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Patients report that a few days after taking the vaccine they start exhibiting the symptoms associated with the Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This has made healthcare experts take a keen interest in analyzing why exactly the vaccine causes this disorder as there is little information available on it. Medics and healthcare experts however agree that its still safe to keep taking the vaccine as its benefits still outweigh its risks.

How to fight against the GBS Syndrome

People are also encouraged to supplement vaccination with covid-19 testing. Regular testing will help create enough data by people in the medical field to keep track of the different disorders that arise or any new Covid-19 variants that may arise. Covid-19 testing may be conducted in the hospital settings or at the comfort of one’s homes. In hospital settings Covid -19 testing includes taking the antigen test.This includes the doctor taking genetic samples and taking them for analysis. Some medical research companies like Docsun Biomed have come up with new devises that are useful in Covid-19 testing. They have developed these devises using the OCT technology which uses a laser beam to monitor the prevalence of Covid-19 symptoms from a patient’s vitals.

Other available technology for Covid-19 testing

These devises include the Docsun mobile app.The Docsun mobile app is most suitable for individual who have access to a smartphone and want to take the test at the comfort of their homes. There is also available the Docsun doorway terminal. This devise is most suitable for places that experience high traffic. These places include education institutions, busy airports, busy malls among others.

Established research has said that the Guillain Barre Syndrome goes away over time with or without medication.


At the start of the Covid 19 pandemic a lot of information was disseminated to protect the older people in the society from contracting the virus. The older people were the most vulnerable group of people in the fight against contracting the diseases. Some of the reasons given for this included that prior to the pandemic a large percentage of the older people were suffering from other underlying conditions. These conditions included diabetes, hypertension and some other severe cardiovascular diseases. With this information in mind experts in the medical field encouraged people living with older people to give them extra support in the midst of fighting the Covid 19 pandemic

Measures taken included

It was highlighted that a lot of older people suffer psychologically in their old age,they%20should%20fall%20ill.. In cases where they contracted the Covid 19 virus and were required to be isolated from their families, a lot of them deteriorated both mentally and physically. Families were asked to increase their contact with them so that they would not feel so isolated or abandoned. Older people are dependent on communal support especially from their families during these times of anxiety so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The families can do this through making sure that the older people have access to nutritious diet, that they are staying active especially for those who are in quarantine.
Caregivers to older people were reminded that they posed a greater risk when it comes to risking the older people lives on exposing them to Covid 19 infection. The caregivers like a lot of healthcare workers are at a greater risk of contracting the virus as they are constantly exposed to it due to their work environment. They were encouraged to keep getting tested for the Covid 19 virus as well as asking their patients to do the same. This can be done through tests given in hospital by medical experts or they can also be done through the available technology. Such technology includes the OCT technology used by Docsun Biomed whose success rate is at 95 percent Docsun Biomed has further come up with devises to suit different environments. The Docsun mobile app is suitable for individuals who have access to a smartphone and want to partake the Covid 19 test at the comfort of their own home. The Docsun doorway terminal devise is suitable for areas with a large inflow and outflow of people for example institutions and public malls.
When all the above measures have been followed it is believed that the older people in society will be safeguarded during the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic.


Ever since the news on the availability of vaccine for the covid-19 virus, people have been led to assume that the worst has happened and there will no longer be any more covid-19 waves. There has already been four waves of the covid-19 virus and experts in the healthcare field are warning people of a possibility of a fifth one in the not so distant future.

What exactly would be the fifth wave be like?

Medical doctors and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry say it will be categorized by increased in cases of infection across in different areas. A majority of this will be people who are not yet vaccinated. It is said that this could lead to a surge in hospitalizations. The delta variant of the Covid-19 virus is expected to form a majority of the new infection rates as it is currently the most infectious strain of Covid-19.

Infections rates that will trigger the surge into the fifth wave will also be caused by a surge brought about by the upcoming holidays. A lot of people will travel to be with their loved ones and interactions between the vaccinated and unvaccinated will be on the increase. Interactions of those not yet vaccinated could lead to exposure and further infections to those who are yet to be infected with the covid-19 virus.

What measures should be taken to combat the new wave?

People are encouraged d to get tested so that they are aware if they are Covid-19 positive. This can be done in hospitals or at the convenience of their homes. In hospitals they would be subjected to invasive procedures where blood samples are taken and screened for the virus. In home settings companies like Docsun biomed have come up with devices that can screen ones vitals and make an analysis on whether they are exhibiting Covid-19 like symptoms. Such devices include the Docsun mobile app which is convenient for people who want to take the covid test at the convenient of their home. There is also the Docsun doorway terminal which is most convenient for testing of large groups of people at the same time.

Further measures recommended

Healthcare experts further recommend that people should wear masks when meeting people and maintain a social distance in public places. People are also encouraged to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. This will go a long way in curbing the increasing cases of new infections.