In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has surged in Europe, the United States, and some other areas. In many regions, this surge began coincident with a transition towards colder weather.
The transition to colder weather has corresponded with an increase in the spread of COVID-19. This is consistent with an epidemic that moved, on average, from an approximately stable rate of spread to a rate of spread that doubled every 20 days. It is plausible that weather changes, such as decreasing temperature or sunlight, and the associated human responses to these changes have directly and/or indirectly contributed to the recent resurgence of COVID-19.

How does the covid virus spread faster because of the cold temperatures?

With a return of colder weather, environmental conditions and associated human behaviors may have allowed COVID-19 to spread more easily. This could occur either because the virus itself is sensitive to environmental conditions (e.g. if temperature and/or humidity affect the virus’s longevity in the environment), or because humans behave differently in cold weather (e.g. spending more time clustered together indoors), or both. For convenience, environmental effects on the transmissibility of the virus itself can be termed “direct effects”, and effects on human behavior that impact the disease’s spreads can be termed “indirect effects”.
Initially, COVID-19 surged worldwide in March and April, corresponding to spring in the Northern Hemisphere. During the warm months that followed, many nations and regions managed to greatly reduce their local COVID-19 epidemic when compared to the spring, but most have subsequently seen a resurgence in late fall

Where does most-19 covid infection take place due to the cold temperatures?

If the weather is affecting COVID-19 transmission, it is presumed that indirect effects are likely to be a major factor. While temperature might directly affect the longevity or transmissibility of the virus, it is well established that most infections occur in indoor spaces where outdoor temperatures would have no direct impact. However, if cooling weather drives individuals to spend more time indoors, then that may increase the number of opportunities for virus transmission. Similarly, populations that rely on open windows for cooling during summer may have less indoor ventilation during cool weather. We consider it likely that a majority of any weather effect on COVID transmission is primarily the result of indirect effects on human behavior. However, we will note that laboratory studies have indicated that the coronavirus remains viable on surfaces longer at lower temperatures. Many experts predict higher rates of transmission and mortality in colder seasons. This is likely due to the impact cold weather has on human behavior, such as forcing people inside where higher temperatures are preferred and ventilation is not sufficient to combat the spread of the virus. With groups of people congregating in confined spaces with limited airflow, the virus is able to circulate more easily

how do we mitigate further spread of the covid-19 virus

To mitigate the spread of the virus especially in cold regions healthcare professionals are urging people to get tested and vaccinated. Testing has now become digitized as one can do so using an app,an example being the Docsun mobile app which one can do at the comfort of their home.  This app does not require one to give their genetic matter. They only allow the app to scan their vital organs like the eyes.This goes along way  in making people aware on measures they can take depending on their Covid-19 status. The ones who are infected with the Covid-19 virus can seek medical attention on how reduce  further infection and those who are not infected can take up further measures to make sure they don’t get infected with the Covid-19 virus especially during the cold season

Cutting-edge Innovations In The Mhealth Sector

a robot carrying out tasks

 Cutting-edge Innovations In The Mhealth Sector

There has been a lot of innovation that has been brought forth due to the mhealth sector gaining a foothold over traditional ways of physical hospitals. These innovations are useful in ensuring that universal health is achievable to all. Some of those innovations include.

A drone to deliver medical supplies as an innovation on mhealth

This program is envisioned whereby it will be used to deliver critical health equipment to the different hospitals that they are required. They include transportation of urine, blood and other tissue samples. Medical supplies like drugs and transfusable blood in emergency situations in hard to reach areas for patients

A stem cell cure for diabetes to promote mhealth innovations.

this is an innovation that will help people suffering from diabetes lead a more normal life without the need to constantly monitor their meals, insulin and glucose tests. The researcher envisions that a small implantable devise will be implanted on a patient. The devise will hold a lot of replacement beta cells, letting glucose and insulin through but keeping the immune cells out. This will enable people go on with their lives without the need to regularly monitor their condition.

Covid monitoring app as an mhealth innovation

This is an innovation where the Docsun app scans a patient’s vitals. The devises use the OCT technology where no invasive procedures is used to collect the data. It runs the information in its database to monitor whether the patient is exhibiting symptoms associated with any respiratory diseases including those of covid-19

A diverse global bio bank an innovation on mhealth

This is an mhealth innovation that will try to make medicine as equitable as possible. It sources genetic material from volunteers of a specific race to make drug research and development more champions the idea that if a company is going to profit from developing drugs from a specific race then its only right that the race should benefit. This it does by partnering with companies that will prioritize inclusion of the said races in the manufacturing of the said drug and the resultant benefits

A wrist band to read your mind as an mhealth innovation

This mhealth technology is to help control objects and devises on one’s environment using their mind. The device detects the electrical impulses that travel through one’s body as soon as one wants to make a command so as to control a devise. This will do away with the hunched back posture commonly suffered by most patients. This technology is hoped to be useful in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered from things like the stroke and some neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

An ultrasound in the pocket an mhealth innovation

This mhealth innovation will be useful in making medical imaging more accessible to a lot of works by inserting an ultrasound technology on a chip and connecting the gadget to a smartphone app. This would make sure that patients have access to medical imaging tools anywhere they need it from making it a routine procedure.

Cancer diagnosing artificial intelligence useful tool in mhealth.

This mhealth innovation will be used in the early detection of cancers. Early screening can reduce the risk of dying on a high-risk population. The artificial intelligence will therefore do away with the needless invasive cancer treatments especially after a radiologist has erroneously diagnosed cancer. The artificial intelligence will use algorithms to detect the cancer.

Artificial intelligence to read every science paper promotes mhealth.

This technology was created in order to deal with the high number of research papers published. The machine has an inbuilt algorithm that search through research papers, clinical trials and other sources of biomedical information in search of overlooked relationships between genetics, drugs and diseases. This innovation is hoped will be useful in diagnosing diseases that are thought to have no treatment but are later found to have a breakthrough.

3d digital hearts an innovation in mhealth

This is an innovation that was to help patients avoid invasive diagnostic procedures on patients suspected to have heart creates a personalized model of the patients heart that can be rotated or even zoomed by the doctors to simulate various approaches on the doctors screen.


There have been many positive reviews associated with taking the Covid-19 vaccine. The most outstanding being that it reduces the intensity of the Covid-19 virus when one is infected. A lot of healthcare experts have lauded the various vaccines available as the best weapon the world right now available in the fight against further deaths and severe infections against covid-19.

What is the GBS Syndrome?

Experts in the medical field have however sounded an alarm on the discovery of a rare neurological condition associated with Covid-19. Medics have named the condition Guillain-Barre Syndrome shortened to GBS Syndrome. It is a rare neurological disorder in which the immune system attacks the nerves. This disorder causes muscle weakness and paralysis, vertigo, ringing in the ears and pain in the fingers, toes and lips.

What is the origin of the GBS syndrome?

This autoimmune disorder is associated with patients who have taken the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Patients report that a few days after taking the vaccine they start exhibiting the symptoms associated with the Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This has made healthcare experts take a keen interest in analyzing why exactly the vaccine causes this disorder as there is little information available on it. Medics and healthcare experts however agree that its still safe to keep taking the vaccine as its benefits still outweigh its risks.

How to fight against the GBS Syndrome

People are also encouraged to supplement vaccination with covid-19 testing. Regular testing will help create enough data by people in the medical field to keep track of the different disorders that arise or any new Covid-19 variants that may arise. Covid-19 testing may be conducted in the hospital settings or at the comfort of one’s homes. In hospital settings Covid -19 testing includes taking the antigen test.This includes the doctor taking genetic samples and taking them for analysis. Some medical research companies like Docsun Biomed have come up with new devises that are useful in Covid-19 testing. They have developed these devises using the OCT technology which uses a laser beam to monitor the prevalence of Covid-19 symptoms from a patient’s vitals.

Other available technology for Covid-19 testing

These devises include the Docsun mobile app.The Docsun mobile app is most suitable for individual who have access to a smartphone and want to take the test at the comfort of their homes. There is also available the Docsun doorway terminal. This devise is most suitable for places that experience high traffic. These places include education institutions, busy airports, busy malls among others.

Established research has said that the Guillain Barre Syndrome goes away over time with or without medication.